Tuesday, October 6, 2015

So You Want To Make It Big? Here's How.

The fact is, many of today’s wealthiest, most successful entrepreneurs or small business owners did not follow a specific plan that led them to their riches. Life is not predictable and no matter how much you wish for something, crossing your fingers can only do so much.

This doesn’t mean you can’t make it big. A six-figure income is not just handed out, but real people have attained their ideal paycheck and so can you. It just takes a dream, some curiosity, and self-trust.

Listen– Don’t ever think your view on something is the only good opinion out there. Your co-workers, friends, family and everyone in between have value. Respecting those opinions will get you far.

Make your own luck– An opportunity can appear at any time, which means you have to be prepared. “Luck” is nothing you can control, but how you track down and prepare for opportunities is all up to you.

Trust your gut BUT make smart decisions– Sometimes you just know, and that gut feeling could be the golden ticket. Still, there is a good reason why smart people do well in this world. Good things come to people who make good calls.

Don’t fear risk- You need to make good calls and part of that is understanding when to take risks and when not to. Don’t take the easy way out or follow the path of least resistance. You don’t make it big that way. Ever.

When you feel like saying no…say yes-There is no moving forward when you or anyone else thinks you can’t do the work. Even if you think you can’t, figure it out. Your limits are self-created. You can thank the word “no” for keeping you where you are.

Work hard– This one may seem obvious, but people with wealth work their tails off. Let go the expectation that mediocre work equals mountains of money. Mediocre work is just that. You have to do the work well.

Lastly, just do it. Success is not accomplished through a lack of action. What did we just get done saying? Work hard, value knowledge, listen, trust your gut, take (thoughtful) risks and make yourself say “yes.” Apply these to your life and your bank account will thank you.


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