Monday, August 31, 2015

Franchisor Spotlight: Meet Supercuts

FranchiseWorks presents SuperCuts, the next franchisor to be featured on our Franchisor Spotlight Series. As a leading resource for prospective entrepreneurs, FranchiseWorks is dedicated to providing information that any individual can use to find the right franchise or business opportunity for them.

Supercuts has been in business since the late 1970’s.  We are the brand that started it all in the value segment of the hair care industry, Supercuts has gone through a lot of change in the last 40 years. What makes us different and unique has never changed, and that is our commitment to our stylists and the guest experience.  Our proprietary training program is the best in the industry, and our training is what ensures a positive guest experience, which is how our franchisees build successful businesses, one guest at a time!  Supercuts was acquired by Regis Corp. in 1996.  Regis Corp. is the global leader in the hair care industry with over 9,000 salons worldwide.  We bring the strength and resource of Regis Corp. to the relationship to help Supercuts franchisees be successful. Our goal in the Regis Corp. Franchise Division is to help franchisees build successful businesses, one salon at a time.

Kurt Landwehr, Vice President Franchise Development for Supercuts:

How are you more than just haircuts?

At Supercuts we do more than just haircuts. We provide haircuts, color, and other miscellaneous services to meet the needs of both our male and female guests, of which 70% are male, and 30% are female. We feel that it is a big differentiator from our competitors and gives our franchisees a unique advantage.

How many franchised units do you have?

We have over 1,400 franchised location and nearly 1,100 corporate locations, combined Supercuts is a brand of approximately 2,500 salons and growing quickly. We anticipate that we will open 250+ salons in FY2016.

Are you available in Canada and Internationally?

Supercuts is an international brand with salons in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We are growing aggressively in Canada.

What are the competitive advantages of your business?

There are many things that make Supercuts unique.  From our Hair Stylist Academy Training Program, our range of services we provide our guests, to our hot towel finish, all are points of differentiation between us and our competitors.  In addition, Regis Corp. signs all Supercuts leases, giving us a big advantage in securing the best sites for franchisees. Finally, Supercuts is backed by Regis Corp., the global leader in the hair care industry with unmatched expertise and resources that help franchisees build successful businesses.

What are the desired qualities of your ideal candidate?

Supercuts is not about cutting hair, it’s about building a business. Our franchisees are not technicians. They hire full-time managers that run the day-to-day operations and leave the servicing of our guests to the manager and team of well trained, professional stylists. The role of our franchisees is to work on their business not in their business. The franchisee is behind the scenes running the business side of their business, working on: marketing, real estate, operations and finance issues. The qualities we look for in evaluating a franchisee is their ability to manage, motivate and lead teams of stylists. We also look for people who have a strong desire to succeed and who can have a positive impact on their community. 

What do you hope for the future of Supercuts?

At Supercuts we are growing very quickly.  We have added approximately 400 new franchisees in the last four years.  We opened 200 new salons in our most recent fiscal year and hope to exceed that number in 2016. We have franchisees who own as many as 60, 80 and even 100 units. Many of our franchisees are now multi-generational and are grooming not only their children but also their grandchildren to take over the Supercuts business.

Learn more about Supercuts and how to become a part of the Supercuts franchise!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Franchisor Spotlight: Meet Young Rembrandts

FranchiseWorks presents Young Rembrandts, the next franchisor to be featured on our Franchisor Spotlight Series. As a leading resource for prospective entrepreneurs, FranchiseWorks is dedicated to providing information that any individual can use to find the right franchise or business opportunity for them.

The vision and mission of Young Rembrandts is to combine our love of art and children. We teach art to empower them and build self-confidence. Children learn the fundamentals and value of art as they delight in the artistic process, they also acquire tools for successful learning and develop increased academic abilities. This drives everything we do, especially in building a culture of like-minded franchisees- joined together by a powerful mission. We are raising generations that value the power, the passions and the significance of art.

Interview with Young Rembrandts Director of Marketing, Liz Fetter:

How has your company evolved since the first class founded in 1988 by Bette Fetter?

The first class in 1988 was just 8 neighborhood kids around Bette’s kitchen table. It was something she did as a favor to friend and eventually it morphed into “Bette’s Art Class” that took place in the living room because it held more kids. We still have her original roster of those classes. Since then it has changed dramatically; Bette, and her husband Bill, ran the business for years together. Operating out of a home office they, along with a part-time teaching staff- taught thousands of kids in the Chicagoland area. They started franchising in 2001- and now Young Rembrandts is a global franchise. Serving children and communities in the US, Canada, Germany, South Korea and the Middle East.

Why is Young Rembrandts a significant part of education for children?

There is a significant correlation between involvement in the arts and achievement in the classroom. Children who learn to draw using the Young Rembrandts method develop spatial reasoning and fine motor skills, order and sequencing abilities, visualization, and self-discipline as well as fundamental art skills. Our original curriculum introduces concrete ideas and techniques that enlarge their visual vocabularies, enrich their imaginations and their minds. "There are visible academic and art benefits for children that participate in our program. Young Rembrandts' students have fun while developing fundamental art literacy and improved academic abilities," notes Bette Fetter. "We are passionate about helping children develop the skills they need to be successful."

How many franchised units do you have?
99 North American units.

Are you available in Canada and Internationally?

What are the competitive advantages of your business?

Our business is home-based and all in, an under $50k investment. The Young Rembrandts business opportunity allows franchisees to create jobs in their community, become a thought leader in their network and create a lifestyle that reflects what they want for themselves. The Young Rembrandts method is a fun activity that kids flock to- drawing- that helps kids develop socially, emotionally and academically.

What is the desired background/qualities of your ideal candidate?

• Strong leadership and people skills.
• Committed to quality.
• Networker and connector in the community.
• Management experience with the desire to grow a profitable business.
• No artistic or teaching background necessary.
• Sales and marketing insight.

What do you hope for the future of Young Rembrandts?

We have a lot of growing to do. North America alone has many territories still available. In the next 5 years we hope to open another 100 units. We want to impact education in a profound way- by reaching kids where they are comfortable, in the art classroom, we’re able to assist them in ways that reach far beyond crayons and markers. We are calling out to those individuals with the same passion. Reaching as many kids as we can, while creating a positive lifestyle for our franchisees.

Learn more about Young Rembrandts and find classes near you!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Franchisor Spotlight: Meet Good Feet

As a leading resource for prospective entrepreneurs, FranchiseWorks is dedicated to providing information that any individual can use to find the right franchise or business opportunity for them. FranchiseWorks is excited to present our Franchisor Spotlight series, which will highlight various franchisors and their mission.

For over 20 years, The Good Feet Store has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who are experiencing varying degrees of pain -- often severe-- related to the problems with their feet.  For some, simply being out of pain is the end result. For others, it is restoring them to an active life of work and play. Our core belief and unwavering commitment is to improve the quality of people’s lives, to live the life they love—without letting their feet get in the way. 

Interview with Neal Weiss, Director of Franchise Development

How has your company evolved since the first store in San Diego, California in 1995?

Over the past twenty years, we’ve served over 1 million people within the US and Internationally. We’ve continued to refine the quality of our products and our skills. Building off of our four initial styles of foot supports, Good Feet has expanded to over 20 different styles, and manufacture them ourselves, here in Carlsbad CA.

What is your number one selling product?

Our number one selling support is the Classic. It’s the support that started Good Feet and has literally changed people’s lives. Although the Classic is our number one selling support, our extensive selection of arch supports is designed to accommodate the customer's lifestyle, shoes, and activities.

How many franchised units do you have?

Good Feet currently has 106 locations throughout the US and growing.

Are you available in Canada and Internationally?

Yes, The Good Feet Store franchises are available in both Canada and Internationally, with prime territories available both domestically and globally.   

What are the competitive advantages of your business?

The Good Feet Store is the largest retail arch support franchise, Low Investment Cost, High Margins, Patented Products; we’re our own manufacturer, manufactured in the US, monthly advertising fund with no franchise fees. We’re experienced, proven and established and our free, no-obligation, personalized fitting is at the heart of our business.

What is the desired background/qualities of your ideal candidate?

-A passion for helping people, ambition.
-Financial capability, business management and/or marketing experience.
-Health/Wellness industry, retail sales experience.
-Ability to lead, yet follow a system, self-confidence.
-A strong belief in Good Feet products.

What do you hope for the future of Good Feet?

Further establish our leadership position in the retail arch support industry. Expand globally and continue our commitment to improving the quality of people’s lives – two feet at a time.

To learn more about The Good Feet Store, visit their blog and website!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Truth Behind Franchise Business Ownership

What does it take to own a franchise? In many ways, the responsibilities of a franchise owner align quite similarly with those of a small business owner. Even though they are essentially the same, the franchise owner starts of with a few more advantages.

There are many franchise concepts and some of them offer a type of product or service that connects directly with the customer. Depending on which franchise you choose, you could be very involved with the public on a daily basis. If you don’t have the patience or personality to deal with complaints, demands and the occasional attitude, then you might want to look for a franchise that does not need you on the front lines. Carefully understand the outline of your responsibilities and don’t settle for something you aren’t passionate about.

As an owner you need to make sure you have a strong team of employees, so you need to prepare for effectively training and motivating your team. The franchisees’ training and on-going support will come from the franchisor; however, the franchisee must pass on their knowledge and use it to better their individual operation.

You’ll also need to consider the marketing of your business. Your franchisor may have national or regional advertising, which they will handle. However, you may be also tasked with leading local marketing activities to actively promote your business. Are you prepared for this?

You will also need to plan for additional costs in starting of your business. There are the expenses of the initial investment, but keep in mind the royalty fees, equipment costs and the expense of keeping your business running day to day. Don’t set yourself up to fail — money is important and so is time. You will be pulled a lot of different directions and you will need to dedicate a great deal of time on your business so your business can get up on its feet the right way.

Simply put, a franchise owner is a leader with an inability to quit. They take initiative, communicate effectively and are pro-active. Expect to fill this role wholeheartedly and you’re setting yourself up for great success.

Are you ready to be your own boss? Perhaps it’s time for a free consultation with a qualified and experienced franchise consultantFranNet has a great track record of assisting individuals on their path to business ownership. Make arrangements to speak with one of our representatives today!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Make Your First Year of Business Ownership Profitable

After working with your local FranNet consultant, you found the perfect business for your personal goals at last. Yet, while you have come a long way, there are still many obstacles to overcome ahead. It’s time to prepare for getting over the biggest hurdle of your new chapter: the first year.

  • Hot Off The Press: Because you are brand new, you think the more press the better, but this might not be the best tactic. Your business is in the stage of working out the bumps and nailing your services or product. Press can be very beneficial, but try not to go overboard.

  • Networking Haze: You owe a lot to networking and the connections you’ve made up to this point. However, you could find yourself in a network haze, where each night is filled with another event or party. Don’t get too caught up in the extra circular activities — you have to do your homework and a lot of that happens mainly at your desk.

  • The Office Atmosphere: Right away, get started on your company culture and always drive home your mission and vision for the company. To attain the business goals you’ve been dreaming of the past few months, you have to organize your leaders and employees. Those first hires are critical to your survival, so encourage the expression of ideas and stay true to your company’s purpose.

  • Mistakes Aren’t The End All: In case you’ve forgotten, the only way we learn is by doing and getting back up when life pushes you down. You could read every article about the first year, but you’ll never be able to predict 100% all the possibilities ahead. This is where your support system and the constant stream of online advice will come in handy. Bounce back from mishaps and make your company stronger; mistakes are opportunities to build a better business.

As the boss of your business, your employees will look to you for security and dependable cash flow. Since you have refreshed yourself on common mistakes and planned ahead, you have set you and your business up for success. Find your groove and keep pushing forward!

Do you want to be your own boss? Perhaps it’s time for a free consultation with a qualified and experienced franchise consultant. FranNet has a great track record of assisting individuals on their path to business ownership. Make arrangements to speak with one of our representatives today!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Comfort Zones Aren't All That Comfortable

The origin of the phrase ‘comfort zone’ is a tricky one, mostly because we all have a personal definition and understanding of the term. But when it comes to performance, it’s relatively straightforward: the comfort zone is a behavioral state in which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviors to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk.

Risk is a key word here. When was the last time you took a risk? I don’t mean run over train tracks to beat the train or walk up to a salivating, growling street dog. It could be as uncomplicated as risking embarrassment at a karaoke bar or speaking up at your next business meeting. Stepping out of comfort zones don’t have to be momentous – it is simply a quick nod “yes” instead of the familiar hesitation.

Taking the plunge into unexplored zones can be liberating, enticingly mysterious and full of positive, life-changing encounters. Risk doesn’t end in just failure or embarrassment, it can be a chance for greatness and happiness. We know by now that inspiration appears in many forms. It can even lie in moments of discomfort — look for these opportunities and snatch them! Break free of the limitations you surround yourself with, sleep each night with no regrets and realize control of different situations are easier to maintain with an open perspective.

Comfort zones are self-created. We choose where the lines fall or if they even have to be there at all. Next time you find yourself hesitating, take a moment. You are a wonderful, resilient, capable, courageous individual. Allow that to show in all facets of life and live each day to its fullest!

If you want to try and measure your comfort zone, there’s a website for that. See it here.

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